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Advanced Solution Metrology



The new powerful, user-friendly and modular measuring software

Measuring software based on DMIS language

An integrated solution for measuring prismatic elements of edges and free surfaces.

Direct import of native CAD formats (PRO-E, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, UNIGRAPHICS) and neutral formats (IGES, arcocad_cad1VDA).

Available for manual, point-to-point and continuous scanning measurement

The inspection and reverse engineering of profiles is very fast.

Powered by strong tools for graphic programming

The flexible module for graphical output allows to create custom reports

Graphic results output can be exported both in statistical format (QS-STAT and SPC LIGHT) and electronic document (HTML, PDF, MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, TIFF).

Extremely powerful use of dual arm measuring system.

The modern software architecture allows modular development: the integration of custom component is immediate.

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News Flash

The new version of ArcoCAD 3.5 it's now available. The complete list of all the new functionality it's available.

New main feature available on the ArcoCAD3.5 version

- CAD Engine : new CAD engine, reinginered to improve speed, memory consuption, and graphics resolution

- I++ : it is now possible to use a PH20 head

- Project preview : 3D dinamic preview

- B3C Controller : connection with DEA / Hexagon controller B3C

- Deva Controller : Implementation of the continuous scanning with a SP25 scanning probe

- Pantec Controller : implementation of the scanning module SM-3 and SM-4 of SP25 probe

- Termal Pantec Probe : implementation of the thermal probe handling on Pantec controller

- COORD3 Wireless Thermal Sensor : implementation of the wireless COORD3 probes

- ENC7480 : implementation of the driver for Windows 7 64 bit